Ideas stag do

Stag do weekend.  When these three words are broached in conversation, the stereotypical imagery of ‘lad culture’ pranks; the mother of all drinking games; and a few mischievous rounds of truth or dare spring to mind.  Not forgetting to mention a scenario very similar to a scene in the American comedy film ‘The Hangover’ – losing the groom!  Needless to say, a stag do weekend is pretty much what one imagines, however they all vary depending on the groom.

For the adrenaline junkie, a stag do weekend jam packed with fierce and challenging activities is a must.  Staggering heights and a strong sense of adventure is certain to get hearts racing.  Take the plunge with a bungee jump or gear yourself up for a speedy session of off road driving.  Aim well for a successful shot at paintballing or go back to basics with raft building.  A stag do weekend bursting with adrenaline antics will be perfect for the outdoor activities stag.  See a list of stag activities.

Raft Building

A stag do weekend for Mr. Funny needs to offer humour – barrels of it. Forget adventure, this groom just wants a laugh! For subtle humour, inscribe messages on the back of the stag’s shirt…in UV paint.  The groom will be completely unaware until he arrives at a club with UV lighting; simple yet effective.  For laugh- out-loud type of comedy, order the groom to introduce himself as Michael Jackson before bursting in to a moon walk. This will have the party in stitches and will no doubt make the receiving end of the party rupture in to hysterics too.  To achieve both slapstick and embarrassment, purchase a Borat inspired Mankini and ensure that the groom wears it for the entire evening – you’ll get some great photos for the ‘stag do weekend’ album.

To achieve a first class hangover on the stag do weekend, enforce rules that will no doubt get the groom as drunk as a skunk.  This groom loves to drink, and drink he will! Rule number one; pointing is forbidden.  If a member of the party uses his finger to point, he must drink four fingers worth of alcohol.  It sounds fairly easy but you will be surprised at how often people point at one another when playing a game.  Pointing with elbows, feet and other parts of the body is allowed, queue laughter.  Rule number two; the little man.  An invisible little man is perched on the edge of your glass.  Before drinking from the glass, you must remove the little man and hold him in your hand until you have consumed your drink.  You must then place the little man  back on top of your glass.  Failure to do this will result in drinking six fingers worth.  Rule number three; the Mr. Weatherman rule.  The rule will decide when you are allowed to use the bathroom. If a member of the party needs the toilet then he must ask the assigned weatherman what the weather is like.  Only when the weatherman says it is raining, is one able to be excused.

Whichever stag do weekend option you decide on, ensure that elements of safety are involved – we don’t want the groom spending the eve of his wedding in A&E!  Have a great stag do weekend.